Explore Argentina

A territory where natural landscapes coexist with the most diverse cultural traditions.

From ancestral towns and colonial cities in the North to the virgin nature of the mythic Patagonia; from the restless and cosmopolitan Buenos Aires to the peaceful Córdoba’s hills; from the imposing Cuyan landscapes to the extreme exuberance of the Littoral. Each of the 6 Tourist Regions shelters its own stories and legends, music and dances, unique landscapes that invite to the most diversified adventures and a regional gastronomy as typical as exquisite.

Argentina is a country full of experiences where visitors may give full rein to their adventurer spirits and climb the most challenging peaks of the Andes. Cross rain forest trails or navigate the great Littoral rivers. Venture into the endless pampas, the Gaucho’s land, in the province of Buenos Aires. Enjoy the Patagonian snow and glaciers. Get amazed by pre-historical landscapes and taste exquisite wines in Cuyo. Explore Córdoba’s full of history roads. Discover ancestral cultural landscapes in the North.

40.117.096 habitantes

Official language:

Peso argentino.

Time zone:
GMT -3 hs.

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